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pital in Manitowoc until he took over the position as

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director and the fascia lumborum came into view; this was

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Kidneys^ normal in size, but very firm in texture. In the

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Wisconsin officially declares alcohol to be a danger-

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the ninth day we made another trial of the hydrate of chloral,

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whose active service extended from April 6, 1817, to October

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The regular meeting was held this evening, the President,

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Dr. Fen wick believed that it was proper to treat it by operation.

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Loh Seng Tsai, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology.

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May 7, 1848. Mrs. Girdler [wife of Superintendent] was

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morbi. He has not proved that the bacteria of diphtheria differ

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The following gentlemen arranged in order of merit, deserve

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vasomotor system. You remember my explanation of the rationale

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of nutrition services. The manual is divided into two

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1905 b.— Idem. [Abstract bv A. Henry] <Rec. de med. vet.. Par., v. 82.9. s.,

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and over the popliteal veins -which can, however, still be felt