30 to 40 patients, a few being over 40 years of age. I should
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is quite as anxious to prove that micrococci are the actual cause
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From a clinical standpoint — particularly as regards diagnosis —
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1900 a. — Echinococcosis in the horse < Veterinarian, Lond. (876), v. 73, 4. s.
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Case 135. — Male, aged 71 years. First observation: Pulse-pressure, 75.
on the other, not to allow the case to advance to the last stages
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mining blood-pressure as a routine procedure since May, 1910. I have
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suffering we appeal to the good sense of the community to dis-
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both sides is much eroded. Epiglottis and larynx not affected.
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For the notes of the case we are indebted to Mr. John
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Lungs. — Occupying the middle third of the upper lobe of the
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28i^. — Was sent for to-day. He was up and seemed much
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[etc. |. Berl., v. 96, 9. F.. v. 6 (2), 5. Mai. pp. 177-195. pis. 9-10. figs. 1-7G. [W a
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21 19 Heights Dr, Eau Claire, WI 54701 ; ph 715/835-2883.5-7/84
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your medical " groove " must be like the terminus of a railroad —
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safe drug. It often appears to reduce fever, to slow the pulse, to
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Trendelenburg of Berlin, in a case of hydrocele which had
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has done more than discover principles. The knowledge that a proper
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In previous papers read before this Society I endeavoured to
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kills the morbid matter contained in the blood, and by being
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months' duration. To this strong opposition is offered, as it is
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draughtsmanship and also the principles of light and shadow as a
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pancreas, the lobules of which have been laid bare in the sup-
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And this is best accomplished with infants while bathing daily by put-