operated leg. In contrast, 14 of the patients who re-

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and readily exfoliate diagnostic cells. Also, tumors

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ity. Physicians are urged to retain these Updates for future reference.*

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<Atti Accad. d. sc. med. e nat. in Ferrara, v. 74, £p. 45-47. [W m .]

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•Kiistended with air, and on carefully opening the fascia trans-

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of the Corporation. The earliest record-book of the Trustees

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it in many places showing signs of inflammation. The left lobe

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24 hours, of very pale, slightly feverish tinge, and an odour

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M. Rendu remembered having seen a patient who had atro-

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Bennett, John Charles, w, sp, Charles City, Iowa. M.S. (U. of Iowa) '24.

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ready for occupancy in the present week ; and the subject of

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1880 a. — La lombriz solitaria i su tratamiento por las pepas de zapallo <Rev.

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satisfied of the ability of patients to pay the same."

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per cent.; second phase, 16.9 per cent.; third phase, fourth phase, 69.8 per cent.

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the usual line of incision, such as just described,

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1696 a. — Neu aussgefertigtes historisch-medicinisches Thier-Buch [etc.]. 11 p. 1.,

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became more urgent, the temperature rose to 102P, and she

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the former covers also the anterior border of the liver. The

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son Confronts Herpes — The Simple Facts,” is now

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to find a single cell of the cord remaining intact.

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Pyelogram showing dilatation of ureters ( Fig. 1 ) 244

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.4Mj. (Obstetrics .2Mj.; Gynecology .2). Each quarter throughout the year. W., Sat.,

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when the revolver exploded suddenly, the ball striking the upper

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amputations in different regions, perfomcd at the Massachusetts

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table characteristic was proved undet artificial con-

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tion, as well as to its various activities, it seems more advantageous

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sigmoid flexure a slit or tear, with narrow, thin, yet well-marked

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tised, and subsequently he had worn instruments. He came

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showing the satisfactory completion of courses prerequisite to those desired here are

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president. The current president is Senekerim Arma-

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of Johns Hopkins University. The increase of urine from this com-

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das Jahr 1895 <Ztschr. f. Fleisch- u. Milchhyg., Berl., v. G (7), Apr., pp. 139-

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agree that the surgery was necessary but also would

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from pathologic material, to study the effect of bacteria and their products on animals,

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1933 and served his internship at Misericordia Hospital in

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early work of Alavi 2 detected bleeding rates of 0.05-

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