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and eventual purchase of practice. Excellent recreational, educa-

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flowing with bombastic phraseology, and eminently calculated in style and substance to

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extremely generous. William Phillips, as we have seen, in-

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localized fulness or redness of the skin or fluctuation to be found

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be made to the National Research Council, Washington, D.C.

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with adult relatives, applied to the surgeon to have a small tumor removed from

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ratio could be worked out. At two of these the C. S. factor was

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arterial blood still reaches the liver even after ligation of the

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(if the clot be not too extensive), divide the vein

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1904 h. — Idem. [Abstract of 8th lecture delivered at Univ. College, Loud., May

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of the shaft and at its inferior extremity. For the last twenty

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other engagement and that the customary rules of courtesy will be observed.

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part of the house, but without any great " suffering, either

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the distal sides of the cuff, the murmur disappears and the tap first

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90. Psycho-analysis negative, although he had been depressed,

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during the different stages of the dissection and from various angles.

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is true that residual urine was probably present for some time, but

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1878 a. — Idem. [Same as 1877 p] <Rec. de med. vet., Par., v. 55, 6. s., v. 5

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the lower extremity occurred among 1743 typhoid fever patients,

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other hand, there is a consciousness that philanthropic and reform

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and the presence of a hard body, perhaps movable, on the outer side

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Letters of regret at not being able to attend the meeting were

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part of the muicle. On the third, fourth, fifth and sixth day

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tination seems to have depended upon the arrest in the develop-

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ity, it highlights the need for education. Many older

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offered of the mode of formation of the calculus, the Society

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de chir. de Par., n. a., v. 19 (4), mai, pp. 229-233. [W m .]

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rehabilitee. [Read 7 nov.] <Ibidem (31), 13 nov., pp. 751-753, figs. A-F.

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and makes detailed studies in clinical work. On the basis of uni-

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plicated, there were four, including our o^m, in which the articular