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calcification having taken place in bundles of the muscle fibres.

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At the autopsy, a tumour the size of a hen's egg was found situ-

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half the patients with large bowel neoplasms. 8 Co-

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'Two days afterwards this treatment was carried out. The

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tion of this condition, no doubt, is that the bowel above the

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will in all probability find their way into a lunatic asylum : men

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followed unusual exertion. After a short course of treatment, which

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" By direction of your Board, an engagement was made early in

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one or more points are absent this equation obviously cannot be

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although removed by lithotrity, had not been reckoned as stone

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If, Mr. President and gentlemen, I have detained you long,

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â– share of it, he should not go into Court and give his opinion on

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successfully treated a case of anastomotic disruption

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radium. After fourteen days it persisted in but three patients, and

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to the remedies employed. The boy's strength had, of course,

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Dyazide' when treated with indomethacin. Therefore, caution is

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Legislature address the concerns raised in the resolu-

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" cousins " under the front porch every night, by their stealthy knocks,

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the subject of Public Hygiene, and the author alludes to the

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but beg the Board of Directors of the State Medical

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the exigency. Their work is highly humane, and no rule should be announced

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origin of haemorrhage was not discovered though all the pouches

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ciate the author's laudable, and we may add highly successful

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rooms, toilet rooms, bath-rooms, and a floral conservatory.

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men that any sensible man can lose his valuable time reasoning

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as the habit of regular toilet time, exercise, abdominal massage by the

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<Osservatore med., Palermo, 3. s., v. 12 (5-6), nov.-dic, pp. 460-470. [MS.

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Over the entrance was the legend : " St. Mary's Hospital, Con-

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Harry Gideon Wells, Ph.D., M.D., Professor of Pathology.