Clarissa Devney, A.B., M.D., Assistant in Ophthalmology.
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is often ocdematous, and the superficial aponeurosis, and cut directly
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AMA-PRA. Info: Diane J Fink, MD, American Cancer Society,
bone were discharged by sinuses, the depressed cicatrices of
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valerian was first tried for this patient, in the dose first of 15
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Medical facilities . . . Miscellaneous . . . Advertisers
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complained of haematuria. Since six months has had haematuria, never profuse,
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February 15, 1863. A communication was read from Dr.
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produced, but the ooze still kept up. Hot water was at length
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Case 1. — Fibroid of Uterus icith Early Carcinoma (Fig. 3). Patient
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1837 a. — Ueber die Eintheilung der Eingeweidewi'irmer <N. Notiz. a. d. Geb. d.
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long they produced the desired effect. The patient then became
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qu'ils occasionment). 2. ed. des parasites et maladies parasitaires augmentee
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was touched three or four times a day with Tilden's bromo-
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perature 97° F. He passes from 12 to 18 pints of water every
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crosses which, with a few written words of strong sympathy,
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of the profession in Caaada yield to those of no other country :
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bowels to the depth of a line and a half. In the caecum are a
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iron. The case reported was one of anoemia, with strongly
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To the surgeon at operation the questions arise: Is the tumor
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