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Archibald Ross McIntyre, S.B., Assistant in Pharmacology.
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Richard W. Watkins, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Laryngology and Otology.
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the patient recovering with but slight impediment of speech.
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— the Omniscient Divinity from whom all knowledge proceeds."
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4. Improper Surroundings. — Is the hospital or the home to be
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Friedberg, Stanton Abeles, a, w, sp, Chicago. A.B. (Dartmouth C.) '29.
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APRIL 28, 1984: Pulmonary Imaging: Practical Considerations,
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resignation of Dr. [Jacob] Bigelow ends as follows : —
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Allen MD. Shader Rl: Clin Pharmacol Ther 27:355-361,
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cases of apnoea had been hitherto unknown. The position
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Board certified/eligible family practitioner needed to
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Stauffer, William M., s, a, Quakertown, Pa. A.B. (Bluffton C.) '20.
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