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tape ; and it extended above the middle of the thyroid cartilage,
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does not exist. For instance, I suspect that the lesion of syringo-
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this subject before you this evening, is in the pleasurable
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obstruction having been distended for some days, a certain
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solo practice. The AMA’s policy of concerned neu-
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proceeded to elect their officers for the first annual meeting of
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cerned. It seems irresponsible at such a time to man-
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only 70 a year. With the state’s birth rate going
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tooth, with a little mass of glandular structure, which reposed in
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Second observation, two weeks later: Pulse-pressure, 92. No phases.
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exudate forms a sheath apparently completely surrounding the vessels
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malacia. She w^as pale and considerably emaciated, suffered
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matted together. On pressing the common bile duct a yellowish
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for the alleviation of pain in surgical operations was read ; and
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formed on the 13th of June. The bones were drilled in different
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Voted, That the Chairman of this Board be requested to
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had been requested to be discontinued by the patient himself on
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be offered the facilities of the Society in the work
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egates, the mechanism is available in the Bylaws to
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pattern. Primary care and consult responsibility with optional
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From this it appears that the popular doctrine that the heart is
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for the legalization of pot, claiming that it is a harm-
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de notes par Riester et Alph. Sanson. Precede d'une lettre de l'auteur. v.
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