Fifteen patients also received cyclophosphamide and
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1905 d.— Idem [with additions] Bull, de l'lnst. Pasteur. Par., v. 3 (10), 30
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dent Physician] and of the Medical and Surgical officers, it
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in its neighbourhood by lymph of a similar character. A small
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alternative, because the agent remains intravascular
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Mr. Erwin F. Faber, to reproduce them in colors. One was a huge
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filtration in the pia of the anterior fissure (Fig. 1) 88
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5. Tweedale DN: Urinary Cytology. Boston, MA, Little, Brown and Co,
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pneumonia dying under this regime. Bad experience impelled us to
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compensation package, including first year guarantee plus
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to raise his head. The patient, however, made a good recovery,
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the parts, accurate haemostasis, and a precise toilet to complete the
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dition was marked at the second observation. At the first observation
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it was well marked. A dusky redness is noticeable in the
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and flexibility to negotiate price as well as control
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bers, had sought passage of the legislation for the
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with writing levers which recorded close to each other on a revolving
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subject has been approved by the department of specialization, may, on recommenda-
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separation of the capitellum, with displacement upon the anterior
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ulceration and the larynx is not involved. With the exception
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very frequently found on one or both sides in cases of ozaena,
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ing of the uterus as an essential of treatment. This
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9. Gary NE, Saidi P: Methamphetamine intoxication. Am J Med 1978;
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Fig 4. — Front view of R. 10 days after first opera-
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fession’s on-going commitment to the general as well
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During this time he had been engaged in the unusually severe
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use in persons under 15 years of age. Though physical
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As the supply of these tendons was distant, and as he (the
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of the nipple line. Heart sounds distinct. — No murmur. A very
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patients with or without a history of allergy or bronchial asthma.
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information in the upcoming Medigram issues and the February issue of WMJ. Because of space re-
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time of operation, one month after the fracture occurred, and these
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Medicine Departments of Pediatrics, OB/GYN, Family Medi-