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gram who reported their positive test result to their
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ice; Sister Joan Winkler, president, Catholic Health
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Bulletin Greneral de Tkerapeutiqiie Medicale et Chirurgicale.
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Diuretics reduce renal clearance of lithium and increase the risk
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wound precluded the possibility of restoring them to, and retain-
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" Voted, That in consideration of the doubt which exists as
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the rotation method. On the first attempt the head of the bone
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Neurologist. An excellent opportunity awaits a Board certified
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in other institutions, and credit allowed for non-resident work, cannot reduce the resi-
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seemed glued to the uvula, and, in fact, one would almost ima-
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been found in renal stones in association with the other usual
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may exist for several days following discontinuation
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necessary to insure the patient's life. It was imcontradicted: Tliat the circula-
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tient directly, or, as an additional service, he or she
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Caution patients about driving, operating hazardous machinery or drinking
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For several days after admission he is reported unable to sleep
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had been approved by recommendation of the Committee on
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Editor’s note: Italics are those of the writer; bracketed com-
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The first is not confined to the voluntarv' muscles;
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Case 191. — Female, aged about 40 years. Pulse-pressure, 37. First phase,
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After mature reflection, guided by former experience, Prof.
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The patient, a tailor, 39 years old, was well until May, 1909.
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know, none of the cases we have added to Flint's series were operated
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he left, never to return, and henceforth resolved to make his
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Surgery for some time in the Extra-mural school, is the author
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a new staff of teachers, and moreover, we do not quite see how
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graphics are working against us. Regardless of what