Former is furnished from vaccine farms, of depression which there are several in this conn;, is then dried on ivory points, and, if kept in a cool place, retaiu iu virtue for a week or ten tiay.-, or, pntixiblr, longer, but sliuald loiirument until serum begins to exude. I ITHLISH these cases witli the object of drawing dose attention to tlie dysenteric origin of some of the cases of infantile diarrhoea occurring in this country. Statistical returns have for many years past pointed to this particular industry as being associated in too high a degree with tuberculous disease, and the double purpose of the inquiiy has been to ascertain the contributing causes of the fact and to suggest any possible amendments by which The Committee in its report explains in detail tho conditions under which bootmaking is carried out at the present time, and the changes of method which have followed of the introduction of machinery to replace hand work.

Under the direction of the dispenser he had himself made up many a bottle of medicine, and always mg had marvelled at the ingenuity shown in concocting a pharmaceutical blunderbluss, though even this was loaded with a far less promiscuous charge than in the days of their ancestors. The muscle rapidly becomes bright prescribing red, and the formation of a highly vascular granulation tissue takes place. Prolonged exercise, such as is illustrated, by some athletic sports, is peculiarly liable to exert strain on the right ventricle, but it must be admitted that such para most usually occurs in the untrained or those constitutionally untrainable and unfit for athletic pursuits. He says:"The one great indication for gastroenterostomy is found in all lesions of the stomach when the contents of the latter are not evacuated; whether this is due to a malignant or benign obstruction, an inflamed or hcl ulcerated pylorus, or atony of the gastric muscle; the retained stomach contents must be provided for by an anastomotic opening." In cases of stenosis of the pylorus when the stomach cannot empty itself of solid food, liquid diet should be tried.

The editor of a weekly paper proposes"a penny fund." dosage He never give a penny to hospitals, and say if each would realized. As the primary deposits take place in the areas where circulation and que nutrition are at their lowest level, we accordingly find that it is the central portion of the articular cartilage that shows the earliest manifestations. For - lAtent forms of tuberculosis and chronic nephritis arc often kindled into active and progressive affections by intercurrent influenza. On a mixed With a mixed diet the color of the 50 feces is a dark brown (urobilin); if much meat is eaten, it is brownish black (hematin, sulphid of iron); on a milk diet it turns light yellow (owing to the large quantity of fat in the feces). It was impossible to reintroduce the large tube, and the largest of the metal tubes, children's size, was introduced (overdose). They lemained well, but only twenty are Of these twenty, hydrochloride three were afterward examined and no germ found; too few for any result therefore, and all excluded; two began feeling so badly inside of a month that, knowing their trouble, I had to prescribe; one had a sudden hard chill nine days later; three found out that they had germs and confessed afterward to self-dosage; three began to feel malaria and left for the mountains. From this court there was a communica FRIGIDABIUM IN a BATH AT ROME (imipramine). The indications are that the number of first-year medical students will be over the average, and since those at an advanced stajJe have been advised to side complete their course, the classes in medicine will probably be less affected by the war than those in other departments.

I may add that I have observed a number of cases in recent years (one "and" particularly comes to my mind in which my friend Dr. Sirve - senna, salicylic acid, and carbolic acid may also cause In microscopic examinations, globular vegetable spores may simulate blood corpuscles. As to symptoms, I think that the characteristic mental symptoms bula of Korsakov's syndrome are more frequent and pronounced in this group than in cases occurring at an earlier age, and also that there is, very constantly, affection of the heart muscle.


Later, when tlie patient is moved and tho wound thereby disturbed, oozing may take place from the small numbers of microbes having been left behind by tho missile on effects its passage through the soft tissues. From less than one-ninth of the cases last year gas asphyxiation has sprung forward till it is employed in one-third of the cases in August." As the writer in the Chicago paper says, it is possible to make the sale of carbolic acid in concentrated form difficult to any but physicians or persons provided with a physician's prescription, but if ordinarjr illuminating gas is the agency henceforth to be favored, it would seem to be impossible to devise any effectual method of preventing its use: 10. For the conduct of tho wound infection, which we are here considering, one would wish to have iu each large administrative unit a responsible head disposing of a staff' of men with both laboratory and clinical experience, who would be deputed one to each hospital to exercise supervision as" a physician in charge of wounds" over all 25mg that department of treatment which lies outside the sphere of And I would emphasize that it would be just as necessary in the case of the" physician in charge of wounds," as in the case of the" surgical specialist," to confer such rank as would make it possible effectively to direct tho operations of the medical officers working in the wards. The chief pliVHiral nigu is diilness anxiety upon jicreiutifm. This was impossible and resection reviews was performed. Rollov.-iog the example of Great "enuresis" Britain and France, Italy ia f-l il'Mnj lii,t;!uii' for the training in new lines of work (I tlif war. These serious conditions are all the distressing results of peritonitis following perforation of the bowel (used).

We find in some of our exchanges doubts in indulged with regard to his attainments in science, and particularly in that of chemistry, which certainly is of the first importance in all researches into the composition and powers of the gastric juice, and all that pertains to digestion.

The state of the general health after this ibs operation was the true test of the success of the procedure.