Chester, N. Y., at the outbreak of the Hispano-American War.
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has just been issued, to which are added the names of the graduates
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Officers — President, S. E. Bennett; First Vice-President, R. C. Moore;
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colon. Fifty minutes after injection the horse became very much
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^' in France alone, during the twelve years succeeding its intro-
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mules during the summer months. The mixture is best applied
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The patient should be kept in bed until the crusts have disap-
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3 hours hypodermically, or similar doses of the muriate of quinine and
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require 100 horses, infantry regiments about 20 each, cavalry regi-
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In looking over the field of surgery, with its advances in the
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Following the very interesting lecture on pigeons by Mr. Atwood
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Over 500,000 head of cattle have been treated with the Pasteur
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the very beginning of the attack. The author has no faith in this treat-
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granulations in the fissures and on the pons, is softened in the depth
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growth is 38° C. No spores are formed ; it is both aerobic and
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with the same amount of a 0.1 per cent, solution several times a day (5
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Dr. J. J. Repp, of Philadelphia, recently visited Potter County
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worth of examination and extermination of bovine tuberculosis.
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observers prefer to look upon it as a symptom complex. It is described
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OommitUe an Army Legislation: Dr. J. P. Turner, Fort Meyer, Va.,
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The disease known as ^^ Texas fever,^' or *^ Southern fever,''
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The hand holding the sponge is, of course, inside the sheet, and is
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animal in a stable with sheath terribly swollen, with penis hanging
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of the American Journal for February and May, 1834, with an ana-
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medicinal plants. A later emperor wrote up medical science so far as
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eminent veterinarians are in this way communicated to the students. They
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Prof. James Law addressed the annual meeting of the New
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and perhaps the hardest, task remains, — ^to avert or overcome the
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Stomachics. — Stomachics may be used symptomatically.
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introduction of a Avat^r supjily and the closing of the
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Papayotin — Papain. — Papayotin or papain its derivative may be
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alcohol, dry, and finally dust on a simple powder. A few applications of
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which frequently aborts ought always to be viewed with suspicion^
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tion; cleansed well with earbolized solution; filled the wound with
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warm waters should be chosen, or cold ones should be heated. As an