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mesenteric glands, with the exception of slight redness and eleva-
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In Tennessee, the disease made its appearance, towards the close
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vulvar catarrh are rarer indications of the depraved condition.
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contagiousness of dysentery as it occurs in the country.
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Your Committee would presume from this mode of expression,
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ing in the supernatant fluid continue to grow at a rapid rate upon
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specious ''explanation** of hpomceopathic cures by postulating an ''opposite
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We have thought, however, that it might be well, in the present
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culture (10 spirochetes per field). In the treatment of the patients
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that have given to biological science the most strik-
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It is quite evident that any discovery which throws a
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tortures of pain. The agonies of sufTerinpc are alike to all.
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tongue, gums and mouth are strongly pigmented. The j^arts most exposed
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Figs. 118 to 122. Tiny free parasites. At o in Fig. 119 two parasites may
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the sulci deepened, and the ventricular cavities will contain very little, if
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dark brown. The coloration is deepest in those parts in which the pigment
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Trommer's Test. — To the suspected liquid add a few drops of a slightlj' alkaline solution of tartrate of
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