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34. Marsh. Med. News, N.Y., lxvi.— 35. Neumann. " Beitrag zur Kenntniss der

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either sex, and probably the eruption appears most frequently about

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favorite tavern, when a courtly messenger ran in upon him

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becomes incorporated with them and is expanded over them. The huge

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Newcomer hemoglobinometer: 16.9 gm equals 100 percent

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same tendency is observed in other innocent growths. Evidence of the

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absent, exaggerated, or unequal ; and ankle clonus may be present. The

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persons with reference to the stage at which their insanity was officially

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vascular telangiectases over and around the essential sebaceous tumours

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heir-apparent to the Crown, London knew another Dr. John

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tary escape of urine ever occur. The distinctions from epilepsy are so

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arrangement for putting old-fashioned emetics out of fashion

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portentous phenomenon to show as the catalogue of the

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loosely applied to some forms in which the papules become vesicular, or

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Thomas Dawson, a gentleman acceptable to the Dissenters

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break up the community into its separate components. Hence we see

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bright red papules or small macules, usually numerous, occurring on

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or timothy hay serves both for food and bedding. Plenty of water

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and soles ; though they are more usually found on the lower leg, where

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in any doubtful case a thorough examination should be made for the

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that in some chronic cases a symptom may persist, as it were by habit,

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can be ruled by hand with parallel lines at 1-mm inter-

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him to react unduly to stimuli, the undue reactions being called

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5. According to the supposed cause : as artificial, gouty, scrofu-

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Acute eczema. — In severe cases there may be some prodromal

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tightly. The nsevus must be allowed to separate spontaneously, the

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plasma and 2 drops of the donor's cell suspension or

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was by the laying on of hands. He stood with his hands on

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frontal, and seldom acute enough to assert itself prominently. " Oh, I

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and of a reddish or livid colour. As the oedema spreads upwards the

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2. Visual— -Next as to vision itself. Acuity of vision is not increased,

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Willan, in order to obviate this confusion, returned to the original

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blood, red colors must be employed in diseases of that fluid,

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thelium has been found also in certain chronic inflammatory affections,

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community, which is thus no longer hampered by an unproductive burden.

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twenty, produced a larger proportion of insanity than the earlier years,

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mercuric oxide, red or yellow (the latter preferable), is non-irritating,

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dyspnoea, or rather tachypncea ; the respirations are hurried, even to an

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