of tuberculosis and of glanders. For the destruction of the
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encing the state of the pulse, which being common to all persons,
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This dressing, when properly applied, interferes but little either
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can reasonably admit that different agencies may have been in-
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deposit. I thought the case sj^philitic, but my view was contested ;
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thrust toward it or throws itself against the bars of its cage
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four, $1.25. Pamphlet on Orificlal Dilatation mailed free to any address.
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of Iron . . The properties of SALOFORM are those of a Uric
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(one-third grain of the extract) was given at 1 a.m., and re-
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casional spasmodic or disorderly movements of the extremities,
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any kind, but lay in a state of profound coma. Her pulse beat
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vision are : Ehrlich's Theory of Immunity treated, and the important methods de-
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tension. The involvment of the muscles of mastication and of
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^ , . ,, ,. ■ , , , ■ so far advanced in the disease that he can-
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may gradually subside, and ultimately become extinct, so that
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It will be seen from the method of preparation that tuber-
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ing to their more careless personal habits, had the reputation of being a "dirt eater,"
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sible, we believe, to establish an ascending scale of suitability
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three-fourths of this residue is chloride of sodium, the rest bein<^
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Saturday, Septemhcr 10. — This morning the boy could not eat
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that which has been hitherto offered ; and I also % 3nture to
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and four hundred and fifty years ago, em- As many of you are aware, I took rather
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is now being tested with somewhat favorable results, yet we do
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blondes than in brunettes. corresponding to the more general use of
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ic throughout. mits a grave error and often does injustice
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distress ; the patient became rapidly exhausted, until the third