references which I might possibly have otherwise missed.
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the varieties of the prolonged simple continued fever, causes the fever.
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ated upon at a time. The gum was separated from the
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These remedies not proving of benefit, patient again
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cine, but in the South they have no such opportunities.
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heavy meal. A distended stomach adherent to the hilus of the liver
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and even tertiary periods undergo spontaneous recovery or are apparently
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own patients or from those desiring such services for money ?
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use their influence in favor of some less harmful outlet
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and buzzing in the ears, his recovery was hopeless ; but if there
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clusive rectal alimentation for ten days. One hypodermic in-
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and catarrh of the cervix for a long time, the tissues are rigid and dilatsition
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tlie proper authority : Drs. G. J. Engelmann, Ferguson of New
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ings, and in no case ha.< he known an infant to be suffocated during this
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4. An increased mobility of the patella can l)e distinguishetl because
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one and not devoid of interest, insomuch as it suggests that the first
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small, virginal, and fixed in the pelvis by old, very dense inflammatory
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the normal respiratory movements. 8. Pulmonary or respira-
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point Is emphatically urged, especially as the expense of a first
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with aniline water solution of gentian-violet, and wa-^hed with 4 per
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nasal for many months. The drawing of the mouth to one side gradu-
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complained of moderate, constant pain on the right side under the lower
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