the same in all or most analyses, and when constant they

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versative party, while their leaders were incited to redoubled

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defibrinated rabbit's blood to each tube, mix well, and

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the same way the continued consumption of carbohydrates must be

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rich vascular network, such as is the case in the neighborhood of the sexual

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Most of the attempts to produce amyloid disease experimentally have been

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superficial and deep reflexes are normal. The osseous system

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may be indicated not only by her capacity to work as a laundress,

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by the leucocytes. Monkeys, deprived of their spleen and inoculated, died,

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@ Horse fly. Large compound eyes almost contiguous, characteristic Y-shaped branching

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observed. Kokawa (Arch. f. Derm. u. Syph., 1906, Ixxxdii,

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dry, and there is thirst, loss of appetite, and constipation.

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may remain dormant in the tissues for weeks and months, and then pro-

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tubes of small caliber, which we should take care not to leave too

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tient treated himself for the eczema, pleuritis and endocarditis set in, and

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keratoses. There was a slight general glandular enlargement.

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appeared, it should be stopped, just as any other well-chosen

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severe headache, and acute delirium. Such cases occur mostly in the

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In the Waring system, the drains are usually constructed of tile pipe, of compara-

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pass, after adding the acetic anhydride-sulfuric acid

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correct use of any of these digestants except clorox.

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and transfer to a paraffin-lined bottle (see below) or to a cylinder

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easier it will be to control the temperature. Inlets

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foetid odour. They may contain particles of undigested food, together with

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jority of human pathogenic strains belong to type A.

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Calculation: When 5 ml of blood filtrate is used the

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the cases go on as fate had willed it, too soon into other hands,

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naturally expect the production of dyspnea to be particularly

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Finding a hand presenting, I ruptured the membranes and de-

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