hand the cells may show a tendency to re- - - ■ '-
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be confined to one spot and spreads only by the extension of the inflam-
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wiU be accomplished at the expense of heart-power. Cardiac insufficiency
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into within the first twenty-four hours, or sooner. Under no circum-
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pulmonary oedema. The temperature may be elevated ; in pigment indu-
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It is distinguished from suppurative /lepJiritishj the jDresence of a tumor,
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or other irritating substances. Scondary, v/hen due to some constitutional
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istered by the rectum. None of the remedies which are so often emjiloyed
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become " water-logged." In a few cases the first symptom may be a con-
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ment of the epithelium ; if any patch is left undenuded there is a sub-
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follows and threatens life. ously, causing- rapid effusion of
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be adducted. and extended. It may be necessar}^ to rotate the thigh
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ture of the organ, so that it impedes the flow of urine. It comes on
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forms the hernial sac. The sac of the hernia could not be reached with-
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attending physician should await the development of secondary symp-
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death may occur from uraemia. The occurrence of this complication
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met with, and the wasting of muscular tissue, which attends such i)n'ssuix',