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nated fat-necrosis, and often lie immediately beneath the peritoneum, the

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Report of the Pennsylvania Hospital for tJie Insane. 1864. By Thomas S. Eirkbridb.

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cough, the skin is dusky, and the cervical veins are distended and pul-

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atrophied kidney of chronic diffuse nephritis. The term -'chronic

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applied to the temples, or cups to the back of the neck, and a drastic

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ficient little or no disturbance to the comfort of the individual results.

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the circumstance that the causes which produce a confusional insanity

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in the surgical contention that opium interferes with intestinal secretion

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broncho -pneumonia is due to the inhalation of foreign bodies of any con-

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although it is probable that in certain instances it represents irregulari-

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ical characteristics of acute pneumonia. Moist rales are to be heard in

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spots in the field of vision, and contraction of the field of vision, are the

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above or below the joint sometimes allay pain and seem to do good ; they

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of development of its paralytic phenomena, and by the muscular atrophy

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now can I think of one more appropriate. I felt that I was dealing

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stomach, colon, or abdominal wall, and the contraction of the fibrous

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subject to digestive derangements. Whatever irregularities of digestion

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dicative of an acute interstitial myocarditis, and represents the result of

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as to require no further discussion. The decision that the convulsion is a

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reported cases, many of them with autopsies, in which typhoid fever and

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duce a visible pulsatory heaving of the chest- wall near the second and

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is generally zigzag, the inner and outer openings not being on the same

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Its color is red or reddish brown, sometimes modified by the presence of

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gall-stones are generally considered of etiological importance. The more

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patient, the axillary temperature not being a true indication of the tem-

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of the reflexes which always accompanies late rigidity. Atrophy of

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losis of the ureters or bladder, and also by the occasional occurrence of

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ing the more advanced inflammatory changes, and the urine is likely to

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Unconsciousness is, from a therapeutic point of view, a matter of

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In the treatment of insomnia narcotic drugs are to be avoided as far as

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dull or stupid, loses interest in her surroundings, and is slow of speech.

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plopia found that the portion of the retina which perceived the double

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metrical joints are usually affected, and recurrences are frequent. At