bile itself. Unfortunately its administration greatly increases the biliary

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The influenza bacillus grows on no mucous membrane except

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clusions concerning the identity of the affections.

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nothing contained in this section shall apply: '(b) To the sale,

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gushing of water from the patient's mouth until somewhere

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colon cleared by an enema, and the diet reduced to starvation limits. Opium

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was extirpated by laparotomy, the intestine being torn and sutured. Adhe-

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equipment, technical assistance and economic organization he can

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by it. The author has observed several cases in which glycosuria preceded,

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either centre, but to permit of this the knowledge of the position of the part

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constantly the evidence of enlargements is present in ileo-cecal

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viduals there are developed papillae, composed chiefly of stratified

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(Fig. 10) ; that is, the outer leaf of the mesentery was shorter than

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but for a stricture from either cancer or syphilis there is. By

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such a set of symptoms coincident with the presence of a stone in the

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but the applicability of the sea voyage to disease raises many interesting

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of the unknown invariably reduces itself to "fear of fear."

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cast off in the urine and feces unused and wasted, straining the

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home ! do they want smokes ? They do want them, they cry for

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is living and well. His mother is living but does not enjoy very

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regularly voids its contents. He found fecal stones in thirty-

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hydrochloric acidity of the stomach ; that is no more and no

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tion of the immobility after flexion was four seconds, and it grew gradually

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other abnormal demands upon the economy. • The symptomatology, in the

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that neither salicylate of soda, opium, nor any other drug will restore

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well during the interim ; and at such times I have had relatives

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brain ; but such cases must be judged upon their merits, no general rule

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of thoroughness in examination rather than insufficient knowledge of

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was treated without surgery for another week and then some straw

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only his point, and therefore strikes no balance. He is biased on

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In summing up the results of his studies, he says that brachycardia is