is the best means of bringing this about. There are cases where

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will establish the nature of the case. There is a very strong probability

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infection of the body. Deininger has published a case which was

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gouty subject, it will be found to be studded with crystals of uric acid.

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the individual, on account of pain, is forced to tell the story of his

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value, however, that to obtain sufficient nourishment in total calories

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what is called the/JvTg-. This is a horny fubftance

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be strange if it were otherwise. Alcohol in excess undermines the

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is about on a par with various forms of radiant heat or baking, but not

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It is possible that a peritoneal blood cyst may be in such a position as

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rapidly because the e])itheliuni is not injured in the dressings and

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* All animals which owe their origin to creatures of different

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thoroughly once or twice a day the results are exceedingly satisfactory.

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fheep ; yet he has not given us a defcription of any epi-

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animal body, so that the disease is usually spread by the discharges from

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cent.). Occasionally they are present from the outset. These buboes are

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greatly assists in coming to a decision, as one can, as a rule, easily trace

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THE Graduate Courses held in December and May of last

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site of irradiation. Confirmation of these results would give us a probable

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the belief that it is in consequence of the sudden withdrawal of the

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transfusion of blood, must be resorted to to tide the patient over the

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slowly. In some of these cases albuminuria occurs, but this is by no

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maxillary set of lymph glands were the first to be involved. However,

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beef -tea, many vegetable foods, and fruits ; an excessive amount of carbo-

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of the quantity of carbohydrates the patient can tolerate, and of the mild-

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has been going on. The two bacilli are indistinguishable in form and colour-

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nerve. Rhinologists of many ^-ears experience have gone so far as to

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patience and the examination of many sections. Among perhaps fifty

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variable than those of other forms of obstruction. The majority of cases

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which is present in greatest quantity when a carbohydrate diet is taken.

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ed with wood to that height in the infide. The cote

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signs of disseminated sclerosis, e.g. nystagmus, tremor, and altered speech,

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touch the eye againft their grain. This opens thefe

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for its full development, and some eight weeks for its decline and dis-

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intensely malarial districts practically all the young children have malaria

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the genito-urinary system, causing gouty kidney, or uric acid gravel, or

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withers fliould be raffed and fharp -, the fhoulders

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it off with the air in expiration. This acrid defluxi-

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before and after the treatments. During these treatments the body

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is generally followed by subsequent attacks ; and this whether the attacks

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On the one hand, vomiting and pain are often inconspicuous features, so

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mal'n body may have but a fmall motion, and always remain

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a second is sufficient to make a photograph which will show a bullet

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yellowish deposit of lymph over this membrane at the base of the brain

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disease, which abstinence and more careful living would assuredly have

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naturally arises, whether putrefaction, pure and simple, can be held

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