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indications of the protective power of vaccination. Taking
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qualified, unmarried, and not more than ."0 years of age. Salary,
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enumerating by name the things considered dangerous. We
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Victoria Place, Belfast; James Limont, M.B., 3, Queen's
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take such steps as may be necessary to give efl'ect to the same.
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Terms of the Convention. — Regulations Regarding Interna-
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high for this sort of thing. We notice that the Uter developments of
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tions of our knowledge of atmospheric air, and of the connections of
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1892*° ^^^ Ligature Simultan(:e des Arteres Vertcbrales. Pp. 67.
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or some analogy between the two diseases : (3) clinical facts
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were^not so labelled before the Committee look action.
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that the practice of depositing tan or straw upon them is a
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annual report of Dr. Spottiswoode Cameron that the disease
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what is known as the "pail sjstem." is deposited on agricultural land,
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That the best thanks of the Committee be ^iven to Dr. Cameron and Dr.
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conditions which tend to dilate the weakened walls. But on the
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29th, was 437 — an increase of 69 on the previous week. In
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throughout the year. Under the orchestra is the band room,
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to. Experience showed that Unna's plan could only be
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Cocks.— On March 27tli. at Gordon Villa, Colchester, the wife of Siirgera-
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of hydrate takes place quickly in pure water, but very slowly
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for an officer of the Indian Medical Service lo travel with British
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determined to give the eight hours' day a trial, took the pro-
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her with forceps, sent her into the Rotunda Hospital, where a
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He tried to place the sutures in the organ so superficially