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pyro-pliosphoric acid and meta-phosphoric acid : if the latter terms are

which of the following is a predictable adverse effect of clonidine (catapres) an alpha-2 agonist

!• origin, obtained from muscular tissue. By the action of acids, it yields

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CRU'RAL (cruralis, belonging to the crus, or leg). A term applied

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land. a fit of coughing is termed kink. See Pertussis.

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1 became cold, the eyes prominent, glistening, and quite insensible ; and

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2. Periostosis. A tumor formed by swelling of the periosteum.

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the clotting activity of possibly 30 or 40 per cent? Also

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MET-, META- (/ut-rd). A Greek preposition, signifying after,

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is also applied, in botany, to that suture of the legume to which the seeds

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the heart which lead to the ventricles, and resemble the external eat

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1 muri.ate of strontia is further distinguished from the poison by its solu-

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Hypertrophia venarum ; increment of the venules of the skin.

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during the first two or three days of life. The question

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Qion, and inversely proportional to the sum of the resistances in the circuit.

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termed crystallized, cryst.alline, or crypto-crystalline. 1. Crystallized

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5. Porrigo decalvans. An eruption obscurely pustular, and consisting

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and made to hold the issues of six months. Price, 50

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The nitrates were formerly called “ nitres,” and then we had potash-

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OLEOSA'CCHARUM (oleum, oil, saccharum, sugar). The name

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Plain Cod Liver Oil is indigestible^ deranges the stomach, destroys the appetite

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PILO'SITY (pilusus, hairy). A term apjdied to certain surfaces of

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METALS {ptTuXXov, a pit or cave in which minerals were sought •

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FIXED AIR. A name formerly given by chemists to the air which

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the composition of the same — a number of manufacturers have adopted the formula and have

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suggests the term parapetala ; if an appendage relates to the stamen, he

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