was taking, the day I saw her, calomel and ipecac, combined every two hours.

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for extra copies of the Journal, be accompanied with stamps for the amount.

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ed by Doctor Paddock. There is also said to be a similar preparation in the

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its past working are fully aware that at first it would have been very

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that in cases of atony, or the want of active contraction, where the insertion

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down, at least in its general outline, is one sanctioned by experience. We

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child refused the breast, and died the next day without convulsions,

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the complaint. I have seen genuine intermittents arrested without medicine

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from once per week to once daily. When the patient has become habituated to

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In many of the derangements or diseases of function of the uterus, it has

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section of the pneumogastric nerves. 4. The frequency of the pulse is

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cision that has since been adopted. The omissions, however, are not

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diameter, and in so distributed as to alhiw water to be

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come very hot, and the pulsations of the brain were remarkably distinct

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apparently recovering, in order to take ad\"antage of an

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it to be a principle almost inevitably arrived at by the attentive student of

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The Medico-Chirurgical Review, January, 1840. (In exchange.)

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often, but not always, of course, been four or five or more miles from

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scarlet fever. I would not have brought them before you if it had not

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at pleasure. He has, also, in cases of spots on the cornea, used soot — either

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his certificate, with his statement of the taritf of fees, signed by the President and with the

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" German. — Glanzruss, Spiegelruss, Kaminruss, Ofenruss, Russ.

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which are not contained in other purulent innocuous exudations. It is

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rupted by slight pains which had been occasional through the night, and still


only organ in which development has been arrested in these cases.

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which he notices several instances of children born with this disease; some

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third year's student of medicine, has succumbed to an attack of quinsy

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however, it often extends to the forehead, temples, chin, eyelids, and other re-

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ments, and as this paper is to accompany those of the experiments upon his

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suture, and the uterus was readily returned by moderate pressure. In

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self sufficient, nor delay assistance too long; because it is possible that the

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often been surprised and alarmed at the removal from

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great mind to " occupy itself with observation", which really, in respect

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year. We will this year appoint a stenographer for next year.

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perienced in the earlier examinations, partly owing to the presumed

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great loss, by the destruction of many of the fine old

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capable of involuntary motion only, but become associated with the motions of

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of salts, which produced nausea and vomiting. The pain then became so severe

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The next and last matter in relation to examinations to which we are

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patients has marked advance been made. It is our wards for

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facts connected vpith the Contagious Diseases Acts. All his writings

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some of the most talented singers and elocutionists of

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pursuit of health, remained so till hie death. Not only

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effected. There remained only the sore upon the elbow, which had been pur-

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plete recovery in one case on the third day ; in eight cases on the fourth

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29th of November, 1899, shall open the envelopes and carefully count and examine the

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