ralysis they are present in only a comparatively slight degree. It seems that
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marked, and there be much excitement, the disease may be mistaken for mania.
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existing symptoms of paralysis must always be regarded as a complication
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tions show atrophy, are flattened and wider apart, the gray matter of the
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particularly liable to it — for example, India, Ceylon, and Italy. In Germany,
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the foramen caecum, and the soft palate, are anaesthetic on the affected side.
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then pressed hetween two extfremely cold plates, tSus reducing the heat »
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swaying of the trunk in walking and in standing (just as in cerebellar ataxia,
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Subjects of the ExaminaUons. — First examination: Elements of
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7. Disturbances in the Bladder and Eectum. — Disturbances in mic-
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logy — Wagner. Medical Chemistry -^ Bowman, Tyson's " Practical.