tion of nux, will cure when the ordinary means have failed.
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support a theory, or otherwise to effect a definite end. For ex-
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cases the general remedy is sulphite of sodium, the local remedy
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the patient assumes the horizontal position, as this requires the
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tremuloides — 1 and found the symptoms to yield rapidly, and not
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by cerebral congestion it exerts a soothing influence, and in
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with suppuration or induration, and in tertiary syphilis with
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infusion three or four times a day. It is a good remedy in stran-
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poses it is one of the most valuable articles in the materia medica.
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devotees rather, which is threatened by imminent dangers.
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in the back, loins and over the kidneys; debility of children when
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be denied that the object whicli John Hunter and his followers so sought
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come affected with flukes from grazing on certain pastures,
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"What wrong of the renal nerves takes place to produce this
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together as an additional security to the success of the
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difficult inspiration ; sense of suffocation and soreness behind
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it as having reference to sepsis of the blood. With the condition
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membranes. It is most applicable to affections of mucous mem-
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lieving the conditions resultant from an irritation of the parts
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the digestive tract, especially of the mucous membranes. In this
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are distinctive, and would suggest health in one case and disease
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it may be added with truth, that there is no wrong of life that is
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know the physical properties of normal mucus, and of normal
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pending upon debility of the membranes of the intestines. It is
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medication that many physicians do not seem to be able to under-,
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New York; Thomas R. Boggs, Baltimore; Harlow Brooks, New
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any other drug, and its active principle is of far greater potency
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thority (in 1836:) ^^ There, in the large hall of the
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nent feature, it relieves the stomach irritation, and thus makes
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eruption which I shall call spontaneous, is sometimes sim-
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Through our sense of hearing we are able to obtain much
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the wrist soft, compressible, and rapid, wine or brandy must be admin-
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"Lycopus is a neurotic, producing its effects principally
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and pecuniary respect) au courant of the new, and newest
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water or stringy saliva; menses profuse, with slimy, corroding
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Bone, who resided in New Jersey in the latter part of the eight-
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of 'nervous irritability' of children presenting the above symp-
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of the abdominal walls can be eliminated as a factor in movements
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are reported by Messrs. Curling and Ferguson, adopting
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him, but if he would consent to a long period of treatment I
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from the solar plexus, and indicates the class of remedies that
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their general expression and their influence on the functions of
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ing always a frightful modification of the diseased sur-
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of the mind, no remedy would exert a curative influence. So
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