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in some instances urticaria, have been described. The general

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than any other preparation— but never cause gastric disturbances, even in massive doses.

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this course, as unfair and unscientific in the highest degree. It

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tion. The blood through the lungs finds its path partly ob-

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in the nose and throat an extremely pungent sensation, which ra-

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Debrie^: reports briefly the clinical historj- of 6 cases of

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he most willingly point out to his professional brethren the means he

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Uric acid crystalline deposits in the urine, red sand, gravel,

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The body of the womb became gradually less tender, the leucor-

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which beset us in the treatment of diarrhoea, and particularly of

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and its virulence. In general it may be said for all animals

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one horse to another. In nearly if not all outbreaks, the ani-

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Netter, Wenckebach, Drs. C, Q. Cumston, S. flarx, J. D. Voorhees, and many others.

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not arise from other causes besides portal congestion, but in all

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be shortened and the convalescence from it hastened by the

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eccentricities of action ; and suppose, further, that in his experi-

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