their corps of visiting nurses ; but this instruction is of necessity
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The fifty-seventh regular meeting of this Section was held Friday,
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and location of the hemorrhage, the period of gestation or
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had pressure in the rectum which was not relieved by enema. She vom-
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enlarged uterus could be a contributing factor. This
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the action of other bodies. A compound inert in itself may
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A member convicted in a court of law of a crime evi-
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Yet this speaker's evident looseness in criticism of drugs stands
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Ignatia: Wm. M. Gregory, in the June number of the Medical Sum-
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of the several states/ by preventing nonresidents of Ohio from obtaining
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et al. 2 study on the basis of faulty design, and the question
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of this. Absorption of the compact substance causes enlarge-
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scruple of either in a glass of water on rising will often suffice. But a
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here in Sunmount Sanatorium, the percentage is only 4. The
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fatal — to animals and very likely is harmful to humans. In
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is often difficult to determine whether the patient is really receiving rest
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and normal, bodily and mental, as illustrate the working of the
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^th a pencil and ^ut it ortop of 11 ^"' T'' " °^ '" «!""«
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From the time he located here, to the end of a long and busy life,
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ONTARIO, N.Y., Wayne County, needs a Family Physician. Contact
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distribute our wealth. It is clear that we can only
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ment for the Use of Students and Practicioners of Medicine. By Benja-
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chemical structure of chloramphenicol sodium succinate
4. Lieberman, A., et al.: Treatment of Parkinson’s disease
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tration of gland substances exerted a considerable influence
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he was of good moral character and had studied regularly with
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17 noticed a year and a half ago that she had difficulty in speaking, the
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The Secretary was instructed to publish a roster of the Academy
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the victim the benefit of all the specialties and of degrees of ex-
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ing thrombus, or a thrombus of size sufficient to seriously
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the greatest possible part of this outer world and makes of this
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U. S. Department of Agriculture. Bureau of Plant Industry; Bulletin
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About one out of every eight pregnancies terminates in
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to objectify his sufferings; in this way, he believed
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had important practical results. For calcium has been found to be of
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In the Gazette des Hopitaux for January 3, 1912, M. J. Debertrand
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comes convinced that the author really does not intend to have his general
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nine, chest x-ray films, and flat plate of the abdomen
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Mrs. L-, aged 63, patient of Doctor Lee, Mt. Vernon, Ohio, entered