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4. Corybantic somnambulism, which is characterized by unnat-

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tice ; and the bulk of the evidence is on the side of the fact that

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sidered it a hopeless case. Two days after, he saw the case

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(Ferraton). The first position is the only one that allows

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three, or four drops in a little milk every three or four hours.

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least thirty-six inches bust-measure under the arms, twenty-six

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gas; nausea accompanies these gastric pains, also the headache;

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Dr. J. T. Whittaker, in the " Cincinnati Medical News," April,

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bodies derived from the clothes of the ivounded man. These are

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large amount of iron. Some authors ascribe an exaggerated value to alcoholic

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to the French Academy of Medicine some interesting data concerning the recent

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medical man. Considerable time was spent with Ptean,

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of zoological studies and often spent whole afternoons

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wonderful growth, and promises to be one of the largest

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he found that he could not accommodate those that were

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wait for their necessity to be more generally recognized.

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other " rheumatogenous influences." Persons who have -already had one at-

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Harmon A. Vedder received a liberal classical education in the pri-

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of the diaphysis : a clear aperture of entry, an aperture of

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Mesenteric Vessels"; "Congenital Diverticula of the Bladder";

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acts and appearance of the person differ but little from those of

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decided abatement of the articular pain and swelling, while on the other

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indicated he can add, if possible, the continuous drop by

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foundation. He is the author of numerous special articles on the

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chosen Professor of Surgical Pathology and Operative Surgery in the

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versity, and obtained in 1889 the degree of Doctor of Medicine. In

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his character and the depths of his affection. Dr. Burwell, while at

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Abscesses should be opened, the line of incision for

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»«>» t<clunx to tbecb-iri^b. Ua i]i>.ili«f wa> ih.- (Jitnf""'

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The treatment of nervous exhaustion, caused by spinal anaemia

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bility was apparently unaltered. No tremors were apparent in

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the infirmary, but the new position to which he wis ap-

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selves seen no special advantage from their employment, and therefore usually

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regard to the small bullets now in use, far from being

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At first the diagnosis is either obvious or very obscure.

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state acts along certain accustomed lines of thought and action ;

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Poughkeepsie, for many years, was born at Sag Harbor, Long Island,

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she is under the influence of ether, separate the labia with the

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From the Albany College of Pharmacy in 1882 he received the

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becomes, under modern therapeutic usage, a menace to the sick ;

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