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to be due to excessive sugar production in the organism ; by others, to dim-
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tried and those that are the least likely to produce a desire for their
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upon. In patients of greater age, especially in women, the large number
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beverages. War and war conditions have, however, made a great
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recorded. Both kinds of animals can be readily rendered tuberculous by
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During the third stage of yellow fever, haemorrhage may take place,
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traced the illness to the hams that had been eaten. Klein found in them
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animals. My feeling, therefore, is to regard the ganglion cells in the spinal
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Obfervat. 61, & 62. that of Bidloo, and that of
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vaccines prepared from Bacillus pertussis in the prophylaxis or the treatment of
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Testicle. — The testicle is not uncommonly affected in the early tertiary
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tappings. Here, tapping the abdomen is advisable for the relief of the
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attained its full size, which, according to species, may be quarter, or half, or
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After a varying interval, the convulsive paroxysms reappear. Eeflex
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fuffice for twenty-five or thirty ewes, ibid. How long fit for
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allowed to cool, crystallise out as octahedra of arsenious acid. These,
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infection by leading a healthy life, by living soberly and simply, by keeping
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"atrium" which is described in so many text-books, but more im.portant
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The second case illustrates how a painful back may be pro-
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police to be drunk, has been taken to the lock-up and placed in the cells
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and the pyloric canal much lengthened and narrowed. In a normal
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common in acute rheumatism. A red miliary rash may develop, and
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doses of from 15 to 30 grs. each of thymol, in cachets or emulsion,
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this point is reached suddenly, the actual cause of obstruction being probably
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same age, size, and stage of development. The parasites of each swarm,
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in a new crucible put into a fmith's forge ; then rub
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equally true that a very large percentage of the cases with mixed in-
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times in man. It is especially a parasite of the ichthyophagous carnivora,
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in which there is much disuse of muscles. If this wasting were due to
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oil of turpentine, of each one ounce, and of the ner-
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which we have departed from these standards was vividly demon-
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to the disease to their children. It is doubtful, however, whether true