limitation of Mood supply on account of vasoconst rii-tion.
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and stowing is completed, and continue with the shipment to destination, where it may
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great engorgement of the capillaries, infiltration with mononuclear cells
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The gall-bladder is oedematous; the stomach and intestines are filled
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Surgical Instruments, Invalid and Sick Room Supplies
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simple isotonic sodium chloride, or in Ringer's solution, which con-
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dilatation of the nostrils and gasping movements of the mouth. Slight
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\ery striking phenoineuoii. ami one whieli, as we sliall see, may be ver.\
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in Bureau Circular No. 93. Experiments are in progress to determine
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L. Post, Joplin; Philip Luedde, St. Louis; John McLeod, Kan-
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Steigerung der vlrulenz des menschlichen tuberkelbacillus zu der des
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at least nine persons had died recently as a result of the bites of rabid
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increased, and she pawed the earth floor of the stall incessantly. At
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is known for its ability to withstand a single epi-
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Till. Ml TAIlol l-\l iiK nil I \llliii|IV|>H\ll s
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the condition is a hernia into the fossa that is formed by the fold of peri-
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the swelling appears. Again, one has a long history
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out ulcer in the center of the mass, giving the gastric
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portions of the machinery. The odor of chloride of lime was noticed. At the close of
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From the ah.ive r.'Milts as a w h..l.'. il is saf.' t.. i-onelii.l." that
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serum, served to class it with the human type. As cultures 8, 9, and
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lost in the imoxidized excreta. The remainder, 8,614 calories, is
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of the vessel wall, its loss of elasticity and the linear radiating con-
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rooms, unless the sides of said engine and boiler rooms are covered by a tight sheathing,
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Cancer, Chicago, The University of Chicago Press, 1947, p. 91.
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(fig. 6). This case, therefore, represents a classical
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sonally at this time to express publicly my deep appre-