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Among the sequelae, neuritis, followed by paralyses, deserves first

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anatomy and successfully filled the position for a number of

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given, but it probably does not weaken the will. Possibly

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chief means of defence. There are also soils that are moderately recep-

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and fissures, either in the mucous membrane of the nose or in the skin of

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several hours, or the curve may show two small summits if the tempera-

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are mostly from this source. Delaware and Maryland are

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(Plehn). The blood shows pigmented parasites (forming rosettes) and

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about two-thirds of the cases pregnancy goes on to the end.

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spreading over it a blanket, which is in turn covered with a sheet doubled

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stomach. Hence the necessity of allowing some time to lapse between

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plied, he could not do it, for the treatment of disease he con-

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the eases the autopsy findings have heen striking!}- alike.

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have been reported in which it only appeared on the roof of the mouth

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fourteenth, .'» in the fifteentli. S in the sixteentli, including the

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ciiuipment for teaching. With regard to the complete training

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however, has the disease been widely known in Europe and America, and

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most palpable to the eye; it is demonstrated by the thermometer; but

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endows it with all the intricate functions of an organ of sensation.

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appearing uniformly gray. Associated with this change, and following

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the publication of the first edition has been considerable.

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has never failed me. I have seen numerous pktterns, and have

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walls to peristaltic effort and thus aids the siphonage. In dilatation

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When we analyze the results in this scries of hos]dtal cases,

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sewer. If possible, the patient should use two connecting rooms, one

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Increase of Volume Shown by the Plethysmocjraph. — By his original

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ologists has established the fact that the elimination of fluid by the

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several hours' rest in bed, has made good showing, and bids

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would most earnestly commend to the consideration of the faculties of

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the extent of showing a difference of 40° F. between the rectum and

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duration five minutes. The effect was simply marvellous ; the boy has never had

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visited by the plague, when it totally disappeared. In 1836 it reappeared

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and the child fell into a quiet sleep, from which he awoke apparently

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the quartan type, each taking a different length of time to

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through the heart, it follows that cardiac power must primarily be con-

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the headache often procure for the patient refreshing sleep. It is im-

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it, and at the same time reduces the body weight. It will es-