chronic nature. The acute symptoms of irritation have given

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to support each one of these theories. These four theories, however,

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Lloyd's specific tincture of tela to a half tumbler of water and

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author as the result of his recent study of digitalis :

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Sticta pulmonaria is sedative, demulcent and mucilaginous.

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The AMERICAN MEDICAL TIMES is published every Saturday morning, in quar-

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tation, and loss of appetite, which is shown in the horse

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want the impress of the living man upon our senses, so that they

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as the part where the sore is seated is more or less abun-

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heated a broad biological law of considerable significance comes into

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mesentericus. C. J. B. Williams says disease consists of excess,

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viz : when we wish to show to a great number of pupils the

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skin is impaired, and transpiration more or less arrested. Among

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The first study of remedies is a study that recalls and fixes

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general principles, was soon perceived not to be entirely

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the abdomen, covered with a napkin, and then secured by

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tion, displacement of apex beat, weak action, heart sounds pro-

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be a positive remedy for the bites of venomous serpents. When

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rapid emaciation of the throat and neck, and especially when

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point in its use, yet a single observation is often of great value.

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the house, in the forlorn front room, garnished with

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globulin solution should be warmed to a little above the body

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than ten years, completely obstructing both nostrils. —

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patient was treated pretty constantly three times a week

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ness, and the discharges are free and without uneasiness.

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He remained well for three years, then without attribution of anj' kind

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of the worn out dyspeptic ; in the fond but frail heart of the too

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believed, it can originate from no other cause than a con-

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already been obtained in the case of the dialyzable (non-protein)

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nerve centers, especially the ganglionic. So positive is the evi-

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dominate — they are fractious and irritable, and sleep does not

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life will cease for want of nutrition. Thus death would

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spinal cord, and intervertebral ganglia, which is to be employed for

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bad blood and imperfect nutrition. I regard it as one of our

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in which manner I administer it. I combine it with ipecac and

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is accidentally associated. If such accidental association were

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itself in the form of insensibility, with or without delirium,

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by unpleasant sensations which the patient refers to the stomach,